Hydrogen Infrastructure Development

There are 22 local authorities in Wales and their 3M population drive around 1.5M cars at an average of just over one car/van per household.  Just under a thirst of the population use a car to get to work and on average each vehicle uses around 1000 litres of fuel every year. A network of 550 filling stations supply this fuel, around half of which is sold at 85 supermarket locations in and around the urban areas.  There is a smaller sub-network of around 90 filling stations that serves fuel to LPG vehicles throughout urban and rural locations.  In the UK as a whole these figures are scaled roughly up by a factor of 20.  Beginning with a few demonstration sites and projects (currently at Trefforest and Baglan) and beginning with no available vehicles, refueling facilities on this sort of scale need to be deployed (added to existing filling stations or build from scratch) if the majority of drivers are to be drawn away from more widely available fossil fuels (with the emerging plug-in hybrid option for zero exhaust emissions) and encouraged to purchase zero-emission hydrogen fuelled vehicles.

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