Business Development


SERC’s activities encompass many parts of the R&D spectrum, from early-stage/fundamental research to immediate pre-commercial development and demonstration activities. However, there is always a clear focus on the effect of the R&D activity in the real world, i.e. how the research conducted can have an impact in terms of creating new products, processes or services for the market place.

For this activity to be successful, it is part of the role of the Hydrogen Centre to actively engage with industrial partners. This may be through assisting companies with consultancy advice, guidance and information, or through more detailed collaborative R&D projects.

In the case of Welsh companies, this activity is geared to developing, expanding or diversifying the business – particularly in the hydrogen and fuel cell field. For companies outside of Wales, the intention is to engage in collaborative projects that have lasting benefit in Wales, through the deployment of low-carbon hydrogen or fuel cell technology and including encouragement to develop new business activities, jobs and economic activity in Wales.

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