Hydrogen Engine Testing

Hydrogen Vehicle R&D at the Hydrogen Centre

The Hydrogen Centre will also host a range of hydrogen vehicle research and development activities.  This includes research into hydrogen and hydrogen mixture internal combustion engines.  A purpose built hydrogen engine test rig is installed at the Hydrogen Centre to enable this research to be conducted.

In addition, the Hydrogen Centre will be able to refuel vehicles such as the Tribrid minibus developed by the University’s Advanced Control and Network Technology Research Unit. The Hydrogen Centre thus provides a base for the research, development and  demonstration of a range of hydrogen vehicles.


A test system for small to medium sized engines is under construction at the centre. The eddy current dynamometer is capable of testing engines with outputs up to 150 kW. Testing will initially focus on spark ignition engines and later move to include rotary and compression ignition engines.

Whilst the primary focus of the centre is hydrogen, other fuels will also be investigated. These include CNG; CNG/H2 blends; Bio fuels and blends of petrol/diesel with hydrogen and CNG.

Areas of interest other than fuels are the technical challenges to developing a competitive hydrogen engine such as injector technology, fuel injection strategy and engine timings, EGR and emissions levels.

Engines will be tested both with a view to being used as the solo power source in a vehicle to use as a range extender in a hybrid vehicle.

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