Wales Energy Sector Training


The WEST (Welsh Energy Sector Training) project is supported by the Low Carbon Research Institute’s (LCRI) Convergence Energy Programme, which aims to support the energy sector, both in the UK and globally, to develop low carbon generation, storage, distribution and end use technologies, as well as to offer policy advice.

The main objective of WEST is to develop skills to aid the utilisation and uptake of new technologies developed through the LCRI industrial research projects.  This will ensure that industrial research is disseminated through both traditional educational streams as well as directly to industry through Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

WEST will review the current delivery of low carbon education within both the Further and Higher Education Sectors in Wales, and develop a low carbon educational strategy for Wales.

WEST aims to deliver programmes at levels 4 and 5, covering each of the key topics within the LCRI, namely:

  • Hydrogen
  • Large Scale Power Generation
  • Low Carbon Built Environments
  • Marine
  • Solar PV

Find out more about the WEST project on the website or on the twitter feed

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