BioCH4 with SOFC

CymruH2Wales - Work Package 6

Methodology/description of workpackage

The assessment and demonstration of end uses for product gases, intermediates and by-products of the bio-hydrogen production process is vital for the future adoption of biological hydrogen and methane production technologies. A number of potentially crucial candidate technologies have been identified that offer unique advantages if they can be successfully integrated into the bio-hydrogen and bio-methane production and utilisation processes.

 Biohydrogen and biomethane integration with Solid Oxide Fuel Cells  

Integration of bio-hydrogen/biomethane with solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) for stationary generation of electricity and heat will be investigated and evaluated. Solid oxide fuel cells operate at high temperatures and this offers the potential for utilising lower purity gases as a fuel. Low purity gas fuels for SOFCs will reduce the energy, capital and operational costs of the overall system.

 Modelling biohydrogen and biomethane to displace CNG

Injection of bio-hydrogen/bio-methane to the natural gas grid is of great importance in decarbonising the existing gas infrastructure in the UK. The UK has an almost ubiquitous natural gas grid and this represents an efficient means of transporting gaseous fuels to points of end use. The National Grid is currently considering the potential for injecting bio-methane generated from anaerobic digestion into the grid, and there is some potential to integrate a percentage (up to 10%) of hydrogen into the natural gas grid mix. Realising this potential would provide a significant outlet for sustainably produced hydrogen and methane as well as bringing significant ‘environmental capital’ to the gas grid.

 There is increasing interest in the use of PHAs as alternative biodegradable polyesters which can be used in a range of applications for low carbon films and coatings. With an increased interest in biodegradable polymers for applications in packaging there is now a demand for these materials.


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